j'adore fabulosity

Fabulous is as Fabulous Does

Fabulous is...

Personal. Fabulousness is being unique and individual and not giving two cares about what anyone else thinks or feels about who you are. Being fab is more than just what you where or how you look. It transcends the physical and consists of completeness: not only looking great, but also feeling great and being great. Being fabulous is about swag. Crazy swag. You have it or you don't.

...As Fabulous Does

"A wise girl kisses but doesn't love, listens but doesn't believe, and leaves before she is left" -Marilyn Monroe

Fabulous Music

Me and my girl Queen Bri reppin B-More doin our thing with the lyrics....so Fab right now!

Fashion Fab

I was just internet shopping when I ran across these on Nordstrom.com. They are the BCBGirls "Famous" sandal and they are fierce. 4 1/2 inches of snake skin and gold accent freshness, and for $110 these are most def fashion fab right now.

Body Counts

What is the big issue with body counts? I just never have really understood the purpose and/or importance of this question. The dating, relationship, hook-up, jumpoff, or whatever you and another person are doing will be going perfectly well, then someone wants to ask this question. This is where feelings get hurt. It's really just one big game, and there is no right answer. Females ask this knowing that they really don't want the answer because if the number is too low you think, "What's wrong with him?" and if the number is too high you don't feel "special" anymore because you have to face the reality that all those lines he's been whispering in your ear are all just apart of his game that has worked on you and so many before you. Men ask this question and use the answer to determine two things: if a girl is a bust down and how easy it will be for him to hit. But lets be honest, if you took it to the point of even discussing body counts you were probably gonna hit anyway, no matter what her answer was.

But the thing is you would still be going off of an assumption because someone's body count does not necessarily represent where they are and who they are in life right now. Someone could have easily been loose when they were younger, have had a change of heart, and could have had none or very few partners since then. Likewise, someone could have remained a virgin for a while, lost it then had multiple partners in succession, this doesn't make them a hoe, just someone trying to see what they can see. So these assumptions we make really can make asses out of us. Another person might ask this question before a sexual encounter because they don't want to be put at risk for contracting a STD, which is smart, but if you were really smart you wouldn't take an acquaintance's word about his or her sexual history. I'm all about protecting yourself because STD's are all to real out here, but how you sound believing whatever some says about their sexual behavior as truth. That could really be your life you in the balance. Trusting someone is great and all, but the only person I trust with my life is Jesus. If you really love yourself, your life and want to be safe go with your partner or soon-to-be partner and get tested and wrap it before you tap it every single time and forget this dumb question that lures individuals into a false sense of security and leads to misrepresentations.

A friend of mine and I recently decided that no matter who asks, the answer will be three because honestly the actual count doesn't matter. It is an arbitrary assignment that people use to put their partners in a box. I personally don't buy into the whole idea. I'm me. You should be more interested in finding out who I am than how many people I've been with. That should be what determines how you feel about me not a body count. That number doesn't define me.

The C Word

We all know it. Some of us run from it, some seek it to feel complete, and others avoid it all together. If you've ever been in an relationship you know what I'm talking about:COMMITMENT. I'll be the first to admit that I have a major problem with it. I like to call my commitment anxiety. The thought of giving all of myself, wholly and completely to one person scares me. Much is required when two individuals decide to be committed to each other, and at twenty-years-old I don't honestly believe one knows how to even go about doing so. Commitment is largely a learning process. It's not static; it is a continuum. As we live, experience, grow, and develop we become better suited to commit. But the problem arises when our significant others don't recognize that the capacity and desire to settle down and be monogamous is not instantaneous nor second nature for everyone.

My lived experience has put me in a position where being committed to one individual has constantly caused strife. My dedication was abused, ignored, and unappreciated which changes everything. I lost the ability to give of my innermost self to anyone. Everything that commitment once stood for (passion, love, devotion) has was stripped away, so for me commitment is much easier said than done, and I know I'm not the only one.

I'm scared. Commitment is one of my biggest fears because it requires one to be completely exposed and blatantly vulnerable to possible hurt, pain, and disappointment. I've been hurt; it's not a good feeling. I've known pain; it's not as bearable as people like to make it seen. I've felt disappointment; it's much stronger and longer lasting than it seems. As much as we want to deny it, fear plays some role in our everyday lives. I hate letting my fear of hurt dictate the path and depth of my relationships. It's hard to get beyond this, but it is something that must be done to make a relationship more than a fleeting moment of attraction.

Celeb Fab Right Now

Angela Simmons is one of the most underrated, yet uniquely fab celebrities today. Yes, did become famous due to her father, yet she has managed to use this status to become a mini mogul. She not only has her Pasty sneaker line, which recently added bags and clothes, but she also is the Executive Editor of Angela's Rundown, a 16-page insert in Word Up! Magazine. And soon she will be stepping into the music world releasing her debut album. That's major moves. I'm trying to get like her! And the entire family will be back for another season of Run's House on July 16th.

Team S. Lee

B. Scott spoke to my soul with one of his recent posts entitled, "Stop Convincing People of S*%!". I did not fully realized how and what I was doing to prove myself to others, but after a little thought I now know its so true. No matter how fly or how fab I presented myself as, the reality was that I spent the majority of my time trying to convince other people, people that were doing nothing to improve my life, that they needed me in their lives and that I was truly fly and fab. But if I have to convince anyone that I'm needed in his or her life, that's not a relationship that is worth pursuing. You should be on TEAM S. LEE from the beginning. I'm not convincing anyone about me. You should be absolutely sure from day one. I'm done selling myself like some sort of product. If anyone cannot recognize and comprehend your fierceness then they are clearly not on your level. We get so confused believing that we have so much to prove. People are going to think and say whatever they want about you regardless of how much you try to change their opinions, therefore the energy of convincing is wasted. There are other, more important things that energy can be exerted on and personally, I'm now going to focus on those things. It's really get with it or get lost.