j'adore fabulosity

Fabulous is as Fabulous Does

Fabulous is...

Personal. Fabulousness is being unique and individual and not giving two cares about what anyone else thinks or feels about who you are. Being fab is more than just what you where or how you look. It transcends the physical and consists of completeness: not only looking great, but also feeling great and being great. Being fabulous is about swag. Crazy swag. You have it or you don't.

...As Fabulous Does

"A wise girl kisses but doesn't love, listens but doesn't believe, and leaves before she is left" -Marilyn Monroe


Dear Love,

I got flowers today and I wished they were from you, but I knew in my heart that they weren't.  I know that it will never be the same, and it's all my fault.  No matter what I say, no matter what I do, I can't go back.  I know I'm indeceive, but I thought you would understand.  I took your kindness for weakness, and the result was deadly.  Without you I'm misrebale, but I'm resigned to what life might bring.  I'm owning my shit.  Penance done and penance more to do, but I'm human and it hurts.  When I think of you, what cold have been, what should have been I want to scream.  A burning rises in my chest because I know what I gave up.  But now you push me away, your words and your actions conflict.  You love what you've found, but you love me too and the two just can't co-exist.  You can't see it, but the constant pushing causes the distance becomes more unbearable.  The chasm widens.  I can't even see the other side, and now I need you the most.  Yes, I said need.  I realize who you are and what were and could have been to me and I'm sorry, but I know it's not enough.